About Cosplay Goals
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We created this site to give cosplayers, photographers and related businesses an outlet that gives them a way to support one another among their community that is less restrictive and more empowering then most social networks. We know the algorithms of some social networks can be draining and really zap the spirit out of a creative person who worked hard to gain the reach, only to have their audience reduced to less than the numbers indicated at any given moment. Where we used to be able to significantly increase views with hashtags, they often now only have almost an unnoticeable effect most of the time and can even hinder the user's probably of gaining views when they have done nothing wrong. We feel that all of this is purely for a financial gain. Because if a user can no longer gain views for their content for a business that was reasonably successful, they will then risk what little assets and spent money on ads, which often serve only to gain them more followers that they still will not reach on almost any given night. This has frustrated so many cosplayers, prop makers, makeup artists, photographers many other small businesses owners so much that we received over 500 comments about this very issue. Some of them have worked very hard for the following they have gained and deserve a place to share their creativity and passion that makes an effort to help their audience grow. This can either be done organically or by their financial investment but they should never be systematically isolated by a social media company they are bring both content and dollars to. These passionate entrepreneurs are often the very reason social media is so entertaining that people stay on for longer periods of time. Many verified accounts show little to no effects from these restrictions and we simply believe that everyone counts and therefore should be treated equally.