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Hello Cosplayzine World .
Or as I normally shout Hey You Guuys.
Let me start by introducing myself .
I've been Cosplaying for 7 years now .
Most of the time it was Closet Cosplay .
My dream Cosplay was to do Sloth from the Goonies . It took me nearly 3 years to put him together , the Mask being the most expensive part .
Then in May 2017 the vision came to life and Irelands Sloth was born .
Conventions in Ireland were small but I was lucky enough to to meet Joe Pantoliano , who played Sloths brother in The Goonies back in 1985.
Irelandssloth is now at the stage were he is being invited by Conventions as a Guest Cosplayer (trust me alot of hard work to get recognised ).
So there you have the shortened version